About Us

Our society is faced with issues that require multiple stakeholders working together to fix. However, they are working in silos. This causes Cities to continue to have high poverty rates, Foundation dollars to not make the impact their investments intended, and for Nonprofits to continue serving the problems and not solving them.

Today more than ever, stakeholders need to come together to make a true impact. Covid-19 has provided us with an overabundance of awareness that while individual organizational interests may still be important, we need to find a way for all stakeholders to work together for a successful and sustainable societal impact.

Empact Data Solutions is a public benefit social enterprise that works collaboratively with stakeholders to develop social impact tools that allow for effective collaboration, tracking, and analysis of information to empower their impact!

Monique Curry-Mims, MBA, MSEd
Founder & CEO

Monique Curry-Mims has over 15 years of business and leadership experience in both the nonprofit and for-profit sectors. She is a social impact professional skilled in strategic planning, collective impact, community relations, fundraising, and capacity building. Through her consulting and philanthropic work, she provides innovative strategies that help organizations meet their mission and goals.

As Founder and CEO of Empact Data Solutions, her leadership provides a wealth of analysis and strategy insight for the organization and its clients – ensuring our team and solutions are effective and impactful.