Empact Data Solutions (EDS) is proud to launch the MVP of our solution empact. empact is a platform that leverages organizational data and community need to allow all stakeholders to align around priorities to effectively allocate resources and make change.

With the start of the 2021-2022 school year, empact is launching its MVP with its first focus on education. “Our approach is to launch empact around 3-key social issues – education, workforce development and health, stated EDS CEO, Monique Curry-Mims. Being three (3) of the leading determinants of poverty, our goal, with insights from our Beta Partner Pincus Family Foundation and their grantees, is to get all nonprofit, foundation, and institutional stakeholders collectively building trust, sharing data and aligning their priorities to face these issues head-on to truly uplift our communities.”

“empact demonstrates the focus and determination to support non profits, foundations, and institutions in their pursuit to better serve their communities by providing a clear and concise data system and best practices to maximize investments of time and resources. “

~ Christopher Avery, Vice President of Programs, Steppingstone Scholars

To learn more about empact, visit app.empactdata.com